Original Forum Request - Caroline Saywood - Specialisms - VBAC Wizard

Original Forum Request - Caroline Saywood - Specialisms - VBAC Wizard

apologies if this is not yet up for discussio nbut wanted to get in on the table.
NWAFT is currently reviewing their existing VBAC wizard and have submitted change requests.  Now that V6 review is here what is the plan re deciding a core model wizard?
i have the folowing considerations alongside the RCOG recommnedations to be added:

·         Identified still would like additions to new version 6 wizard as MDT does not feel this covers Montgomery ruling/discussion of risk/benefit adequately.

o   Risks of vaginal birth needed to be added in more detail (including perineal tears, instrumental delivery – more general risks of normal delivery, CS at fully and risk of emergency CS, fetal risks, maternal benefits such as psychological) – please let me know if I have missed any

o   Another section titled “other” with a free text section – to allow additional personalised risks to be added to the documentation e.g GDM, large baby etc

o   Incorporate maternal choice in final decision.  Also on the K2 Wizard in the Discussion and Decision Sections we need to add in about using Montgomery informed consent with maternal involvement.