Contraception Wizard

Contraception Wizard

Probably not the right place but i dont want to forget to ask...

So the current 'Contraception Method' Wizard (under postnatal), doesn't represent the best/most efficient way to record what the midwives actually do. 

 My thoughts of what the Wizard could include instead were as follows:

 -Antenatal (to be added)or Postnatal dicussion (tick box)

- Informed fertility return possible after 3 weeks? Yes/No

- Informed recommendation is to wait at least 12 months before another pregnancy (to reduce risk to mother and baby)? Yes/No

- Informed of all contraceptive options available? Yes/No

- Patients plan for contraception (tick box)

options: Implant, Copper coil, Hormonal coil, Depo injections, Progestogen only pill, Combined hormonal pill/patch/ring, Condoms, Sterilisation, Doesn't want, Other

- Was contraception supplied on the ward prior to discharge? Yes/No

- Free text box (to record discussion held, and any other relevant info ie implant fitting procedure)

And then if it saves with a record of who had the conversation/filled in the wizard and their job role (don't think the current wizard shows job role)


And it would be brilliant if the chosen method and confirmation that method was supplied from the ward, could be included in the GP discharge summary print out.

Would it be possible to request these changes be part of the V7 upgrade.